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Momo 1030 | 25.03.1981 | WorldWide |

I’m a visualist and musician who love to unite, fuse, explore and experiment with different mediums. I like to skate, to paint, to perform, surf the net, grab some short videos and mess around with the ipot.
Graffiti is the source of my inspiration. Graffiti is like art. It is about opportunites. It is about creativity. It is about being creative enough to take your opportunities and make the best of them. Create fun. Create havoc. Create something new and original. Graffiti is about looking at an object and seeing it in a completely different light than 99% of the people on this planet. It is about taking that object and adapting to it. Graffiti is about grabbing those opportunities. It is about seeing opportunities where none had existed before. It is about creating those opportunities when none are apparent.

Graffiti can be about pain. Graffiti can invariably be about joy…all kinds of successes and achieving goals. But you get out of it what you put into it. You will find your skills improve with practice. Your techniques improve over time. Your judgment even improves along with all of that eventually. Graffiti is about frustration. The inability to finish the piece. Success, setbacks, downfalls, disappointments, victories, defeats, slams, learning and forgetting. Around the next corner could be a cop or a brand new wall you have never seen before. You may get harassed or assaulted. But there is only one way to find out. Don’t be afraid. Give it a good push and see what happens next. If you are scared, push just a little harder. Oh yeah. I’m not talking about graffiti anymore. I’m talking about life.

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